Something about me

I’m Mike Out and I live in Santpoort with my wife Rianne. I have 18+ yrs of experience in digital innovation & scaling.

I am the creator of DesignKit, a THNK alumni and as such part of an amazing group of global change makers.

Now, as a freelance (digital) strategy designer I help organizations on their journey to become future-proof.

My drive

I believe in beautiful simplicity. There is so much fake complexity in the world of business. Especially around technology.

Creating something complex is easy but keeping it beautifully simple is hard. But it can be done! With the right mindset, sexy tech, smart organization and strong leadership you can go 10x faster and further through beautiful simplicity.

This is what drives me. Achieving huge impact by designing creative simple and elegant solutions.

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My Services

Innovation & Inspiration

Keynotes, eye openers

Get inspired and activated.

Event moderator

If you need creativity & fun.

Innovation Workshop

From idea to experiment.

Proposition Design

Let's start a (ad)venture.

DesignKit™ + Lab

Get your own kit.

Let's design
Digital &Strategy

Digital Strategy design

Get future proof.

CX strategy

It's an experience.

Field Service consultancy

One of my niches.

Buy vs Build

With 2022 gamechangers.

(Mobile) App in 14 days

Using no-code solutions.

Let's go
Organization & Transformation

Digital Transform. scan

Get a complete picture.

Agile at Scale assessment

Aligned autonomy.

Product Owner(s) check

Using proven frameworks.

Red Thread™ quick scan

In co-op with Guidion.

Portfolio Mgmnt set-up

From Stories to Programs.

Let's change

Resources & Shop

Resources & Shop

Download free templates, tools, kits & frameworks from my resources shop! Example: Objective Key Result Template

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Let's meet!